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Measuring Wheels

RoadRunner® Outdoor /
Long-Run Wheels
Road Runner Outdoor Long Run Measuring Wheels
  • Over a dozen years of continuous improvement – Like the new wheel design and safety reflector!
  • 5-digit, easy-read, magnified counter measures 9,999 feet
  • Heavy-duty, ABS wheel with improved, clean three-spoke design
  • Curved, telescoping handle adjusts to comfort level

Road Runner® Indoor /
Short Run Wheels
Road Runner Indoor Short Run Measuring Wheel
  • Smaller 1-foot wheels offer convenient size and light weight (1.2 lbs)
  • Easy to measure curved, horizontal and asymmetrical surfaces
  • Has a 5-digit, easy-read, magnified counter that measures 9,999 feet
  • 3 part handle telescoping handle extends to 38"

Wheel + Paint Applicator
Wheel plus Paint Applicator Measuring Wheel
  • 999 ft. before reset
  • Measure curbed, vertical and horizontal area
  • ABS Plastic applicator with chrome plated metal handle
  • 1 year warranty
Metal Professional Wheel 
Metal Professional Measuring Wheel
  • Innovative, simple centerline design, great balance
  • Rugged 3/4" steel tubing – strongest frame in the field
  • Time-tested and proven counters – huge numbers
  • Only two moving parts (reset and ticker) mean fewer things can go wrong
  • Superior counter protection and placement – 5-digit counter. Up to 99,999 feet
  • Compact fold-down – easily reduces to 1/2 its size for storage and portability. Storage is a snap

Road Runner® Long Distance
Measuring Wheel
Road Runner Long Distance Kesonite Measuring Wheel
There are inherent vulnerabilities of die cast and metal spoked wheels. Everyday use requires that a wheel handle some rough treatment without dents and without bending.

Kesonite is a strong, dense metal/resin composite. It holds its shape better than metal and it's stronger than a spoked or die cast wheel. The weight of the wheel makes it easier to use and more accurate in rough terrain.

  • 5-digit, easy-read, magnified counter measures 9,999 feet
  • Curved telescoping handle
  • Stronger than die cast or metal spoked wheel

StylePart #UnitsWheel Circumference# DigitsReset
Road Runner® Outdoor / Long Run Measuring Wheel RR318N,
inches & feet*3' or 4'5Button
Road Runner® Indoor / Short Run Measuring Wheel RR12inches & feet*1'4Button
Metal Professional Measuring Wheel MP301,
inches & feet*3' or 4'5Button
Road Runner Long Distance Measuring Wheel RR30,
feet3' or 4'5Knob
1-Wheel Paint ApplicatorRR2W5inches & feet1'5Button
*Other Graduations available - Metric, tenths, etc.