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Woven Reinforced Warning Tape

Material Specifications
  • 7.0 mil overall thickness
  • Pigmented with lead-free organic pigments
  • Excellent choice for plowed-in installations
  • Manufactured for durability and resistance to the elements
  • Patented weave for maximum strength
Manufacturing Specifications
  • Permanent Black Ink
  • 3" Plactic Core - 1000' - 6000' reels
  • Woven Reinforced warning tape is used for protection, early identification, and accurately locating underground utility installations. Also as barricade tape to protect the public from temporary safety hazards.
  • Use appropriate legend and A.P.W.A colored tape to specify the type of utility being protected
  • A.P.W.A. color code denotes:
    •   Orange   - Telecommunication and CATV Lines
    •   Red   - Electrical Lines
    •   Yellow   - Gas Lines
  • Currently available in: Red, Yellow and Orange
Product Analysis
Attribute   Procedure Value*
Thickness ASTM D 2103 7.0 Overall Thickness
Elongation ASTM D 88208A
MD <50% at bread
TD <50% at bread
Density ASTM D 792-66 1.090 (gm/cc)
Coefficient of Friction ASTM D 3248-73 Static 0.247
Tensile Strength ASTM D 882
Burst Strength ASTM D 751, Tongue 310 Wrap, 280 Weft
Flexibility ASTM D 671-76 Pliable Hand

  • Meets federal gas safety regulations S-192-321(E)
  • Meets OSHA regulation 1926-956 (C) (I) covering the location of underground utility lines
*Values are a nominal + or - 10% to allow for manufacturing variance