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Detectable and Non-detectable Underground Marking Tape

Omega Marking Company Marking Tape

Our detectable underground marking tape and non-detectable marking tape is APWA color coded and manufactured for strength and high visibility.

Marking Tape Part Numbers and Legend

Downloadable Engineering Specifications PDF's
Detectable and Non-Detectable Marking Tape
Super Stretch and Woven Reinforced Warning Tape

Non-Detectable Marking Tape
Standard Non-Detectable Marking Tape

Our 4 mil non-detectable tape alerts diggers of valuable utility lines. Made with 100% prime resins & heavy metal free pigments.

Non-Detectable Marking Tape Specs
Super-Stretch Marking Tape

Constructed with specialized polymers, our 6 mil tape is capable of 1000% elongation. Up to 6000' reels available.

Super Stretch Warning Tape Specs
Woven Reinforced Marking Tape

Woven Reinforced
Our toughest line of defense. Available in red, yellow & orange. This tape has amazing tensile strength with zero elongation. 8 mils thick.

Woven Warning Tape Specs
APWA Electric APWA Water, Potable APWA Telecommunications
Electric Water, Potable Telecommunications
APWA Gas APWA Reclaimed Water APWA Sewer, Storm Drain
Gas Reclaimed Water Sewer, Storm Drain
Detectable Marking Tape
3 Part Laminated Tape
Aluminum CoreThree part laminated tape

Permanent Message
Print is enscapsulated in the tape providing a permanent record. Ink does not extend to edges giving maximum bond between plies.

Aluminum Core
Excellent choice for protecting non-metallic lines as it is located with proper detection equipment.

Detectable Marking Tape Specs

Barricade Tape
Barricade Tape

Stock legends for municipal construction and industrial applications. UV inhibitors ensure color stays vibrant during prolonged exposure.

**Custom imprints available - Call for quote.**