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Fiberglass Marker Posts

Constructed from a fiberglass reinforced composite, providing long term UV protection.

Can withstand repeated impacts and return to original position. Reduces replacement and maintenance costs.

Fiberglass Marking Posts

Utility Marking Post
#1 for overall visibility and flexibility.
Part #: FMP followed by height & color code you need. Example - 66" Blue post is FMP66BL

Lengths: 62", 66", 72"
Width: 3.75"
Weight: 0.5 lbs/ft
Colors: W, Y, O, BL, G, R, BR, P

Color Codes
White (W), Yellow (Y), Orange (O), Blue (BL), Green (G), Red (R), Brown (BR), Purple (P), Black (BK)

Service Line Marker
Identifies service lines, valves & underground property.
Part #: FSM followed by height & color code you need. Example - 60" Blue post is FSM60BL

Lengths: 48", 60", 72"
Width: 1"
Colors: W, Y, O, BL, BK

Poly Dome Marker Posts
Poly Dome Marker Posts

360 degree visibility for maximum exposure.

Molded from engineering grade plastics. UV inhibitors are added.

Part #: PDM72 followed by dome color code.
Length: 72”
Dome Colors: W, Y, O

Marking Post Drawing with Measurements