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Marking Flags

Marking Flags

Purple (P), Blue (B), Glo-Pink (GP), Red (R),Yellow (Y), Orange (O), Glo-Lime (GL), Green (G), Black (BL), White (W)

• Brightly colored plastic flags are weather & fade resistant. Great for marking underground utilities, surveying, & construction projects.
• All flags come melded to sturdy wire shaft.
• Packaged in boxes of 1000 flags.
Plain Flags
*Follow Part # with Color Code
Staff 3x3 4x4 4x5
15" MF3315 MF4415 MF4515
21" MF3321 MF4430 MF4530
30" MF3330 MF4430 MF4530

Utility Printed Flags - 4 x 5
21CT30CTVOrange/Cable TV
21FBO30FBO Orange/FiberOrange/Fiber Optic Cable
21BE30BERed/Buried Electric Cable
21GAS30GASYellow/Caution Buried Gas Line
21WL30WLBlue/Water Line Below
21SL30SLGreen/Sewer Line Below
21RW30RWPurple/Reclaimed Water Below

Custom Printed Flags
* free set up on order of 5,000+

Marking Tags

Ground Wire Tag
Ground Wire Tag
(.016 Polyethylene)
Pole Tag
Pole Tag
(.035 Polyethylene)
CT-150 Calendared Vinyl Tag
(.020 Calendared vinyl)
Calendared Vinyl I.D. Tag
I.D. Tag
(.020 Calendared vinyl)
Aluminum Write On Tag
AT-100 Aluminum Write On Tag
Brass Tag
Brass Tag
Product #Description
GWT1 1/2"x3"Ground Wire Tag
CT-1001 3/4"x3 7/8" Cable Tag
CT-100Blank 1 3/4"x3 7/8" Cable Tag Blank
POLE TAG2 1/2"x3 1/2" Pole Tag
ID TAG2"x2 1/2" Blank I.D. Tag
CT-100C1 3/4"x3 7/8" Cable tag w/overlay
AT-1001 3/8"x3 1/8" Aluminum Write On Tag
AT-3003"x5" Aluminum Write On Tag
BT-1001" Diameter Brass Tag

• CT & Pole Tags available in Yellow, Orange, Red, White, Blue & Green.
• GWT & I.D. Tags available in Yellow, Orange & White
• Brass Tags available in consecutive numbers
• Other shapes, sizes & custom imprints available for any tag